Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Will green tea reduces obecity?

Green tea reduces obecity

        Green tea increases your body metabolism and somehow, it also reduces the obesity. But it depends upon how many cups and how frequently you are having green tea. Green tea alone couldn't be so effective to get rid of the obesity. Proper diet, regular exercise and green tea could be useful for decreasing the weight.

        There is only one way to reduce obesity. The calories burnt in a day should be more than the calories intake in a given day. Calories can be effectively burnt by consuming one glass of warm water with one spoon of honey first thing in the morning, brisk walking 30 minutes every morning (leading to sweating), along with a balanced diet of eating to about 60% of your capacity. Intake of the food should be about 5 times every day with very small quantities of food every instance. The secret is to keep your metabolism on the move always so that the toxins are shunted out of your body periodically and not allow them to settle in your intestines. IN addition try to take stairs instead of elevators. Above all the best thing is to learn to shake your head sideways whenever someone offers you something to eat.  Green tea benefit